Circus Fun Day

April 30, 2013

Ladies and gentleman, boys & girls, children of all ages”  The Circus has come to Building Blocks!

All throughout April, classes performed a Circus for all the school and parents to enjoy. These circus shows featured amazing strong men, hilarious clowns, jazzy tigers, and adorable tightrope walkers. The children performed age old favorites such as “If You’re Happy & You Know IT” and timeless melodies – “Tootie Ta” and “I’m a Tiger and All That Jazz”.  The Strongmen flexed their muscles, the Elephants balanced with poise, the Tightrope Walkers glided with ease, the Clowns clowned around, The Tigers jumped through fire and the staff changed sets with expertise (and a little sweat). And last but certainly not least were the charming Ring Masters for each performance – all of whom announced each act with spell-binding anticipation.  Everyone celebrated the successful shows with cotton candy and circus themed cupcakes and goodies. On April 30th many of our classes completed a month of circus events with a Circus Fun Day. Parents and grandparents joined in the fun as the children showed off their talents participating in exciting activities such as ‘tightrope walking’, Hoop the Tiger, Put the Nose on the Clown, making clown hats and circus mobiles and a circus coloring station. Of  course, the main attraction was the clown ice cream cone sundaes made and enjoyed by all. Whew! It sure has been a ‘ringling’ month of circus fun. Can’t wait ‘till next time!

$0.00 /Each.