Integrated Preschool & Nursery School Classes

Building Blocks Developmental Preschool offers integrated preschool and nursery school classes for three, four and five year olds. All classes are taught by New York State certified teachers experienced in early childhood development. Integrated preschool classes are comprised of 12 children taught by one teacher who is aided by two assistants. Integrated classes blend typically developing children and children with special needs.  Nursery school classes are comprised of 15 children taught by 1 teacher and aided by 2 assistants. Day to day activities concentrate on developing pre-literacy and language skills, math concepts, incorporate fine and gross motor activities and enhance the development of social interactions.  Weekly gym classes provide additional opportunity for children to learn new skills and participate in team activities. The children learn about instruments and rhythm by participating in weekly music classes.  Computer equipped classrooms allow children to experience age appropriate electronic activities so vital to their future world. 

  • Thanksgiving Show - the children re-enact an historical time when pilgrims and Native Americans shared a special meal.

  • Children’s Art Show - showcasing our children’s interpretation of a chosen artist, trying and learning different art techniques as they enhance their fine motor skills.

  • The Circus Comes to Town - a circus performance complete with clowns and dancing bears allows the children an opportunity to learn and practice age appropriate gross motor skills - all while having fun

  • Sensational Stories - a children’s performance where parents have the opportunity to watch favorite childhood literature come to life through the songs and actions of their children.

  • Weekly Summer Specials at the school include a jungle safari, a pirate treasure hunt, make your own ice cream sundaes, a day at the beach, and a family carnival. All of these activities enhance language and literacy skills, peer socialization, and fine and gross motor skill acquisition.


It is our goal here at Building Blocks to provide an age-appropriate learning environment which focuses on each child’s strengths and incorporates early childhood and pre-kindergarten readiness skills.  Children who attend Building Blocks through their respective school districts’ Committee on Preschool Special Education and are placed in one of our integrated classes benefit from this enhanced program while teachers address each child’s specific individual education plan. They receive related services from our professional staff including speech pathologists, psychologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.  All the children in these classes benefit from the expertise of these professionals

Building Blocks Developmental Preschool participates in the Commack School District Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program (UPK).  This New York State funded program, accessed through your school district, allows eligible four year olds to attend preschool classes at no cost to their families. Please contact your school district for additional information.