Diagnostic & Evaluation Services

Building Blocks Developmental Preschool is an approved evaluation site for both Nassau and Suffolk County’s Preschool Special Education Programs. Evaluations can be performed by licensed clinical psychologists, certified school psychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists depending on the specific areas of concern regarding your child’s development.

Preschool Evaluations
  • Are generally provided at the center and are completed by a team of professionals in accordance with New York State Department of Education Regulations
  • Evaluations are pre-approved by your respective school district
  • Evaluations include a combination of formal diagnostics and informal assessments and include assessment of all developmental domains
  • Additional evaluations are available when the need arises to further assess a specific area of concern (i.e. occupational therapy evaluation for concerns regarding fine motor skills).
  • Preschool Evaluations are provided at no cost to families.

    If you have concerns regarding your child’s development please contact us for more information on the procedure to follow to arrange a developmental evaluation.