Parent Feedback

I just wanted to share an incident that brightened my day and hopefully will brighten yours.  My daughter attended Building Blocks as a three-old in one of your integrated classes and again as a four year-old as part of the Commack School District’s UPK program. She loved Miss R.’s class and learned so much but it wasn’t until she went to kindergarten that I realized what a comprehensive program Building Blocks offered.  Several children she attended preschool with are in her kindergarten class and on a recent visit to the school I noticed that they were all placed at the same table.  I asked the teacher if she did that because they knew each other from preschool and she said that she had not even realized that but had seated them all-together because they were the only ones who understood the routine from the first day of school.  Having previously experienced such a well organized preschool class and participating in activities such as gym class and music class,  I guess these students were well prepared for their new kindergarten schedules. Keep doing what you are doing – you made the transition from preschool to kindergarten a cinch for my little girl.

- Sincerely, A.A.

We want to say thank you so much for allowing us to enroll M. in your preschool program.  We have seen first hand the outstanding education you and your staff provide.  As parents we want the best for our children.  We have found it right here at Building Blocks!!

- Forever grateful, D. & P D.

We cannot thank you all enough for all of your support, guidance, encouragement, and knowledge over the last three years here at Building Blocks.  M. came to you as a young “bud” that needed nurturing and extra loving care and he is leaving as a flower – he has truly blossomed into a beautiful flower! We cannot believe that he is the same child that started here three years ago.  He is truly a product of what early intervention and a great staff can do.  He is going to kindergarten with all the rest of his neighborhood friends and we are thrilled!  We will miss you all very much but we will visit and keep you updated on M.’s progress.  We will always be eternally grateful.

- B. G. & M. S.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us, for running such a wonderful pre-school, for all your insights, seminars and answered questions.  J.  has truly been blessed to attend such an excellent two years at Building Blocks.  We will never forget all the teachers, therapists, and aides that have contributed to the amazing progress he has made.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…..With so much appreciation and tears of joy.

- C., J. & J. D.

My main reason for writing today is to commend the Building Blocks staff – everyone at the school has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.  In particular, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to my daughter’s teachers who have been with her since she began (receiving services).  Since that first day both of these women stepped into our home, they have treated my child with unconditional kindness, respect and a genuine concern for her well-being and development.

- Sincerely, Mrs. K.

From my very first frantic phone call to you (L.P.) one year ago and every time throughout this year that I needed guidance, you have been the light that guided the often confusing and murky journey of my child.  You have calmed the troubled waters and given of your time and incredible knowledge and expertise.  My son’s time at Building Blocks has been an amazing experience.  My family will remain a friend of Building Blocks forever, a truly unique and exceptional school.  Thank you for all you’ve done for my child and for all the children that pass through your doors.

- Fondly, The S. Family

Thank you for all you have done for J. this year.  Building Blocks and everyone there have been a wonderful part of our son’s life.  He has flourished in this environment and we appreciate the entire team at Building Blocks for that.  Thank you.

- Sincerely, G. & M. M.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for D.P. who is my son’s EI ABA teacher as well as his ABA team leader.  Since working with her he has made dramatic progress in his speech, behavior and personality.  ……no words can fully express the gratitude I will have for D. for many years to come.  ….it amazes me how she treated him like her own son and never lost patience or gave up believing in him.  Although I am delighted that L. will be moving forward to preschool, losing D. will be a great loss to him.  …..Because of her I have the hope and confidence that L. will lead the life of a typical child and have the opportunity for a promising future.

- Sincerely, C.M.

Less than one year later...

On Tuesday my son had his evaluation with his pediatric neurologist.  He stated that after reading his recent annual review evaluation and all the information I gave him it seems that L. no longer falls into the PDD-NOS category.  When I met D. and M. and my son started receiving services (about two years ago), they assured me he was in good hands.  They were right! I have all of you to thank.

- Sincerely, C.M.

Thank you so much for a wonderful year. R. has made great progress and it could not have been possible without each and every one of you.  You are an asset to your school and you all take the time to get to know each child.  You are all the reason that the children look forward to going to school everyday and I know I can trust you with my sweet boy and that means the world to me.

- R.B.

We are extremely happy with our son’s experiences at Building Blocks these past two years  He had Miss C. last year and Miss D. this year.  Every activity had a purpose and a goal.  I never felt like he was doing busy work. Even playtime was purposeful.  We loved the opportunity to visit the classroom and to see him participate in school-wide plays and events.  We never felt short-changed that D. was in a developmental preschool.  Just the opposite.  Building Blocks was an incredible experience for our family.  The teachers, assistants and therapists went above and beyond.  Building Bocks is a bright, happy and clean environment, filled with top-notch staff!!  Thank you all for the part you’ve played.

- S.F.

I don’t know that I can adequately convey just how thrilled and grateful we are that A. is attending Building Blocks.  He talks about it incessantly – his classmates, teachers, aides…. And he begs me to take him to school on the weekends.  You run a wonderful school and we are so grateful.

- D. & G. I.

Building Blocks is an outstanding school and dealing with everyone there is also pleasurable.  Ms. D.C. and her staff are always very professional, down-to-earth and just very easy to get along with.  P.’s current therapists are D.Z., S.L., D.S., A.G., and J.S.  They’ve shared tears, laughter, and joy with my husband and myself throughout our son’s journey and they go above and beyond their “job”. They are people who genuinely care about P. and I think this takes a person who is humble, thoughtful, understanding, patient, warm, friendly, and has a true love of children…..Ms. C. has been sincerely understanding and willing to work with my husband and myself to come up with a plan for P. and his needs.  She is very efficient and dedicated to her profession.

- Sincerely, Mrs. C.S.