Code of Ethics

Building Blocks Developmental Preschool’s

Conflict of Interest/Code of Ethics Policy


A school’s reputation for integrity is its most valuable asset and is directly related to the conduct of its officers and other employees.  Therefore, employees must never use their positions with the school, or any of its students, for private gain, to advance personal interests or to obtain favors or benefits for themselves, members of their families or any other individuals, corporations or business entities.


The school adheres to the highest legal and ethical standards applicable in our business.  The school’s business is conducted in strict observance of both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and the integrity of each employee is of utmost importance.


Employees of the school shall conduct their personal affairs such that their duties and responsibilities to the school are not jeopardized and/or legal questions do not arise with respect to their association or work with the school.


To further our mission Building Blocks Developmental Preschool has established a Corporate Compliance Program which promotes an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with laws, rules, and regulations which govern our operations, while enhancing quality services to children and families we serve. The Program integrates various systems of operations with an emphasis on internal and external audits, reviews, benchmarks and trends, and is based on effective and open lines of communication and relies on measurements to assure sustainability and success. The Compliance Program is incorporated into our operation which is committed to high standards and quality of service.


The good faith participation of employees, directors, officers and agents of Building Blocks Developmental Preschool is assured and protected by the development and effective implementation of policies of non-intimidation and non-retaliation. Accordingly, no employee, officer, director or agent of Building Blocks Developmental Preschool shall intimidate or retaliate in any way against an individual acting in accordance with this Compliance Program.


When there is suspected or known violations of any law, regulation or Compliance Plan policies a report should be made to the Compliance Officer. Reports may be made anonymously.


E-mail           (password protected)

Phone             631 499-1237 Ext. 14           (password protected)

Mail                 Building Blocks Developmental Preschool

                        29 Pinewood Drive

                        Commack, NY 11725

                        Attention: Compliance Officer

                                           Personal & Confidential


In cases of suspected Medicaid fraud you may also contact the NYS Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) at or 1-877-87FRAUD


Currently, the Compliance Officer for Building Blocks Developmental Preschool is Dorothy Aversano.