Janice Buckner Puppetry Concert

May 2, 2013

Using the Arts to Educate

And the whistle goes, “Whoo, whoo!”  The children sang out in chorus. In early May, Janice Buckner performed for the Building Blocks family of children and staff.  Janice is one of the nation’s top educational presenters using the three Es of Education – EXCITE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER.  She thrilled the audience of two, three, four and five year olds with her use of color, sound, space and tempo. Staff participation was a big hit as the teachers manipulated the puppets as favorite songs were sung. Much to their spouses’ chagrin, they did a great job manipulating those dummies! Regardless, the children bubbled over with glee, singing and clapping along. The kids especially enjoyed acting out the Jungle Walk as they crawled like a tiger, reached like a monkey and slid like a snake. Even our youngest children in our parent/child groups got into the act as the moms and children danced with colorful puppets.

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