Preschool Curriculum

Building Blocks Developmental Preschool utilizes developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory hands-on experiences that maximize learning opportunities for all children while incorporating New York State Preschool Learning Standards.

  • Our curriculum integrates a thematic approach which addresses a broad array of developmental needs for three, four and five year olds.

  • The music-based Frog Street Pre-Literacy Curriculum is incorporated into our daily activities to address our literacy goals and ‘leave no child behind’ by providing a foundation for emergent language and literacy.

  • Mathematical concepts such as number recognition, quantity concepts, patterns and relationships, geometry and spatial sense, measurement and data collection are addressed through a wide range of hands on activities.

  • Handwriting Without Tears, a preschool level writing curriculum developed by an occupational therapist and widely used at the school-age level within districts, is implemented through multi-sensory manipulatives to prepare children for handwriting, to teach body awareness and to foster other school readiness skills.

  • Computer play allows children to work with their peers jointly to investigate questions, solve problems, and manipulate objects on a computer screen.  Computer program content reinforces language and concept development.

  • Centers provide opportunities for individual and small group, hands-on reinforcement of concepts and skills that have been introduced in a whole group setting.

  • Gym class provides active play experiences that promote gross motor skill development, peer cooperative play, language skills and socialization opportunities.

  • Music class provides exposure to musical concepts, and offers opportunities to play a variety of musical instruments.

  • Enhancements to the curriculum include fall pumpkin picking and petting zoo, a visit from the local fire department, children’s art show, Valentine breakfast, field trips, sensational story show, circus show, science fair, field day, and summer carnival.  Check the school calendar for upcoming events.

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